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Issue wtih FIFO threshold and SPI working

Question asked by Balasubramanian vaidhyanathan on Oct 3, 2017



    I hooked up two STM32L432 nucleo boards in master-salve mode of SPI. I am setting up DMA and SPI with 8 bit (BYTE) boundary and data width.  If I set the FRXTH threshold  for SPI  as LL_SPI_RX_FIFO_TH_HALF the slave DMAs dont get transfer completes both for Tx and Rx. I found by toggling GPIOs in the call back functions for both RX and TX. But if I do set the treshold as  LL_SPI_RX_FIFO_TH_QUARTER I see everything is fine... My question is do these thresholds have anything to do with the data size settings???... Thanks.