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STM32L496 2G/3G Global Cellular to Cloud Discovery Pack

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STM32-C2C Global Turnkey solution:

1. Quectel UG96 2G/3G Worldwide Cellular modem (pentaband 2G + 3G support)

2. Micro SIM socket and eSIM preprovisionned with Emnify complimentary 90 days trial data plan

3. Open free trial Cloud account from partners

4. Download cloud demo binary files, drag and flash the pack to test them from the ST concierge C2C Portal

5. Discover live coding using a Javascript Espruino engine on STM32

6. Develop C-based prototype applications using STM32 Cube Expansions (X-CUBE-CLD-GEN, coming soon X-CUBE-CELLULAR, coming upgrade to X-CUBE-WATSON, X-CUBE-AZURE, X-CUBE_AWS)

7. Add differentiated feature using the available Arduino Shield, such as X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 for sensors

8. Discovery Pack Owner's C2C Concierge Portal to Activate Services and download Precompiled Demos


STMod+ Details and Connectors pinout

For LTE IoT version, see P-L496G-CELL02 


STM32 Ecosystem Partners and Contributors for STM32-C2C :




AVSystem zero-touch device to cloud pairing demo downloadable from the STM32-C2C Activation Portal


UG96 Key Specification




800/ 850/ 900/ 1900/ 2100MHz


850/ 900/1800/ 1900MHz




CE/ FCC/ GCF/ PTCRB/ ANATEL/ RCM/ IFETEL/ Movistar/ ICASA/ DoC for Russia/ JATE/ TELEC/ Telefonica