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STM32F4 DMA busrt mode: how does it work?

Question asked by Luca Davidian on Oct 2, 2017

I'm using DMA controller to perform ADC to memory data transfer. I'm using direct mode (no FIFO), circular mode with double buffering and everything works fine. I'm studying the datasheet of the STM32F429ZI but I can't understand how FIFO buffers work with burst mode. The documentation isn't much clear about that. Say I use INC8 burst mode on the memory AND peripheral side. How does the tranfers take place? For example I know that in memory to peripheral mode the FIFO is preloaded to full and then at each DMA request is drained: if I specify peripheral burst, does it get drained in bursts? what about the PINC setting? is the burst always incremental? and when the FIFO reaches the threshold, does it get filled in bursts instead of single transfers?

Please clarify.