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TIM10 compare output is PF6, But I want to use PF7

Question asked by Kang Sung Gu on Oct 1, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2017 by Kang Sung Gu

  I used STM32F429ZI


I make this sorce code

GPIOF->MODER |= 0x00002000; //PF6 AF mode
GPIOF->PUPDR |= 0x00002000; //PF6 pull down
GPIOF->AFR[0]|= 0x03000000; //PF6 AF3(TIM8..11)

It is good work. ( PORTF6 IDR is good working)


But I want to use PF7, so change sorce code

GPIOF->MODER |= 0x00008000; //PF7 AF mode
GPIOF->PUPDR |= 0x00008000; //PF7 pull down
GPIOF->AFR[0]|= 0x30000000; //PF7 AF3(TIM8..11)

But it is not work (PF7 IDR is not working)  why?

PF6 -> PF7 can not?

Just only use PF6?