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STM32 L452 : Programming using SWD interface

Question asked by Shubham Jaiswal on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by AvaTar

Hello everyone,
I am working with STM32 L452 microcontroller. I'm trying to program this using SWD interface on ST link debugger of the Nucleo board. I am powering the L452 MCU via two different methods :
1) Using the 3.3V supply from the nucleo board
2) Using my custom power supply ( 30V---[buck conversion]---> 5V ---[LDO]----> 3.3V )

But in first case the programming results in success whereas it fails in the second case.ST link utility log for the second case

What is causing the problem here ?


PS : I'm using the following three pins from the SWD interface :
i)   SWDIO
ii)  SWCLK

iii) Gnd