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Problem with UART Example on Nucleo-F746ZG

Question asked by Mohammed Al Hunaiti on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Mohammed Al Hunaiti

Hello everyone

Yesterday i buy a Nucleo-F746ZG, i installed SW4STM32, ST-LINK/V2 Drivers and STM32CubeF7 examples, first of all i try the Demonstration firmware and all was good.

Finally i decide to try the Uart Example and here start the problems, i download on the board the firmware using SW4STM32 and the usb cable, then i try to read the messages with several terminals (Termite, Hyperterminal, Putty) but i not see any message(i also try to reset it using push button on the board but nothing), using the oscilloscope on the TX and RX lines on the CN5 connector i see a fixed 3.3 V.

I make something wrong? any idea about the problem?

Thank's for the attention and for the help