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CubeMX Wish List

Question asked by Code Wrangler on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Code Wrangler

I wanted to submit some suggested improvements to the '2017 STM32 Wish List' discussion, but unfortunately that thread is closed and locked. Since these suggestions don't do any good sitting in a text file on my computer, I wanted to create a new thread to record these. They are listed in terms of priority / usefulness to me:


1. Display calculated ADC & timer frequencies (and periods [in time units] and duty cycles [in percent]) the way it is currently done for SPI


2. Be able to make labels for interrupts in the NVIC interrupt table. Also the label should get a descriptive default name (i.e. "SPI1 DMA Interrupt" instead of the current "DMA1 Stream6 Interrupt")


3. Be able to setup GPIO DMA transfers, with optional timer triggers


4. Be able to create memory-to-memory transfers with timer triggers