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A few questions about  BLUENRG-MSCSP

Question asked by Dmitriy Dmitriy on Sep 28, 2017
Hello. I have got a few questions about  BLUENRG-MSCSP. Could you help me?
1. What par of an inductor you recommend ( Power management strategy using step-down DC-DC converter )? What par of a capacitor  you recommend for filter of tep-down DC-DC converter for  better stability?  I will benefit in energy consumption by  step-down DC-DC converter  in  practice?
2 I base  my design on the board  STEVAL-STLCS02V1. On this PCB there are many different  par of a capacitorts. I want to replace 100nF ->150nF, 1uF-> 2,2uF  for part optimisation. Doesn't  action  influence for stability or other things?
3  On the board  STEVAL-STLCS02V1 the circuit "TEST1" goes to the  microcontroller STM32F476.  What is a signal TEST1? Can I pull-down to GND TEST1 ? 
4   BLUENRG-MSCSP has  got   the Low speed ring oscillator (LSROSC) . If  I don't use   Low speed crystal oscillator (LSXOSC and  exteranal 32.768rHz)  I will have problems whit energy consumption or other things  ?