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Question asked by R V on Sep 27, 2017
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I am trying to implement RS485 communication using STM32F030C8. I am using GPIO pin to control my external transreceiver(to change from transmission to reception) by controlling the driver pin of the transreceiver IC. I am able to transmit data(characters) to my PC serial terminal. But I am unable to receive any character from the serial terminal. I am able to do so using the RS232 protocol, but not in RS485. I checked with my debugger and it shows the program waiting for the RXNE flag to be set, that is, waiting for the data to be received in RDR register. What is it that my data is not being received in the RDR register while I implement for RS485?

Can anyone explain me the correct way to implement a RS485 communication using Standard Peripheral Library. (Any additional information if required can be provided.)

Thanks alot.