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STM32 controller selection-

Question asked by Akshay Bhavsar on Sep 27, 2017
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    I am newbie to STM32 controllers.I have to select controller as per following spects.


1.Ethernet interface.

2.USB interface 4G module

3.SD card SPI interface.

4.UART interface.

6.i2c interface.


I need to get data from ethernet TCP.and store it on SD card and send it over USB-CDC(having 4 virtual com ports-AT command port and NMEA port are to be used in my application simultaneously).I want overall speed to be 1.5-2 Megabytes per sec(ethernet to USB speed)


Please suggest me any controller.


 I have selected this controller.

STM32F765ZGT6 216 MHZ freq

It will be good to select controller having max operating frequency near to 500MHZ.