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STM32L476JEY BootLoader after FOTA

Question asked by Oshrit Elma on Sep 27, 2017

In my program i'm doing FOTA via BLE.

I developed my code with Nucleo-l476RG EVB and Nucleo-IDB05A1, based on the FP-SNS-FLIGHT1 program.

Now I'm working with my custom PCB using STM32L476JEY as MCU and BlueNRG-MS and have problem with system reset.

I can see all the packets transferred successfully with correct CRC. I write the firmware to address 0x08040008 and add the magic number to 0x08040000. Then, when resetting with HAL_NVIC_SystemReset() function the old program is restarted.

The __ICFEDIT_intvec_start__  address was: 0x08000000, so I supposed that my program takes the bootloader place and Ichanged it to 0x08004000, also the VECT_TAB_OFFSET to 0x4000.





With these changes  the reset doesn't work in any case, even before doing OTA via BLE. I can just flash my program from IAR.

I'll be happy with any ideas ,