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VL53L0X can't change I2C address

Question asked by Fede Rico on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by Andrew Fletcher

Hi there,

I have one VL53L0X ranging sensor that works fine with the ST library.

I performed the sensor configuration and I can read data form sensor.


Now I should add a second ranging sensor on the same I2C bus.


To change the address I perform this step:

  • Sensor power on. Set to high the XSHUT pin.
  • Change the address with the code below. The function returns VL53L0X_ERROR_NONE.
  • Initialise the sensor, using the new address --> This step fails.


This is the code to change the I2C address:

newAddr &= 0x7F;

if( VL53L0X_SetDeviceAddress(&RANGING_SENSOR_VL53L0X_Handler[idSensor].handler, newAddr * 2) == VL53L0X_ERROR_NONE )
/* Store the new 7-bit address */
RANGING_SENSOR_VL53L0X_Handler[idSensor].handler.I2cDevAddr = newAddr;



Is this the correct sequence to change the I2C address?

Why I cannot communicate with the sensor using the new address?


Thanks for the help!