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Parallel read of GPIO using DMA for periph to mem

Question asked by piet t on Sep 26, 2017

Hey everyone,I need to read in my data using two GPIO's with an external clock.


I've read a few docs including the AN4666 which seem to have gotten some form of this working.


It seems like the DMA can be triggered by timers, although I just need some more clarification on this... Essentially I'll have a external clock signal and I'll receive two bits simultaneously on two different gpio lines, I then need to store these in SRAM. I know the DMA can't service the GPIO pins, although it seems this application note and a few others seem to have found a way around it. It's also pretty clear that I need to use DMA2 for the periph to mem interface.


How exactly does triggering the DMA and using it to store two data lines in memory work? Are there any cube examples?


Thanks in advance for any help