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Porting F7 SDIO+FatFs+FreeRTOS project from MxCube 4.22.0 to 4.22.1

Question asked by Samuele Savoldelli on Sep 25, 2017

Hi everyone,

lately I had got some trouble with SDIO + Fatfs + FreeRTOS.

Sometimes f_write did not work and, after 100 (more or less) file write the SDIO halted.
Following this link
I discovered that the solution is to introduce DMA on SDIO and, with this configuration:
STM32Cube FW_F7 V1.7.0
FatFS version 0.11

it works!!!

Last week ST released a new update for STMCube, so I migrate my project to the new library:
STM32Cube FW_F7 V1.8.0
FatFS version 0.12c

I noticed that in STM32Cube there is a new option "DMA Template" for FatFs so I think "wow! now the write DMA is fixed!"

Instead with new FW package all the FatFs instruction for SDIO (like f_mount or f_open) reach the timeout.
I can make a step back and use the older version (STM32Cube FW_F7 V1.7.0) but I want to understand if there is something more to do in order to have SDIO works properly

Thanks in advice,