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What im doing wrong while programming?

Question asked by Jakub B on Sep 25, 2017
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I try to make a custom board and i have problem programming it from discovery.

I'm using stm32f030c8t6 like in picture below and stm32f0308-disco. I have no problem programming stm32 on disco board and my program works. When i try to program custom board stlink/keil/flash loader doesnt see my board.

All elements on picture are soldered beside of oscilator. Rest of lines are inputs and outputs which are not soldered.

SV1 is port for using SWD, SV2 is port for using uart. JP1 is jumper for BOOT0. Jumpers JP2-JP5 are relevant after programming (its choosing of adres number later).

I try all kinds of combinations but nothing works. Power is connected from discovery: 5V, VDDtarget from board (3V), CN2 jumpers from disco disconnected, GND connected from SWD port and on SV2. Tried with jumper on BOOT0 and without. With VDDtarget to 3V and GND.

Can you tell me if something is wrong with my design or its rather broken stm32f0?

Maybe some pins i left unconnected?

Anything you can advise?