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WM8960 codec

Question asked by ben_dkhil.arwa on Sep 23, 2017

Hello ,

I'm trying to connect Adafruit microphone using SAI of the STM32L4. This microphone uses I2S protocol, and delivers as output PCM 24 bits data,(The microphone includes Segma delta filter and a decimator which are used to convert PDM data to PCM data), over sampling rate fixed at 64 and Clock frequencies from 2.048Mhz to 4.096MHz are supported.Until this step, I can receive audio data from the SAI, but I didn't know how to validate if they are well received or not. As solution, I'm trying to read the audio buffer using an other SAI + the WM8960 audio codec available in the STM32L4 board. But, I'm not hearing the real sounds that I have recorded. In that case, I want to ask if it's right to use the WM8960 codec to read this kind of audio data?The data size and the sampling rate used by the microphone can impact on the codec choice.
Thanks for the help