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Unable to send a file between two STEVAL-SP1ML915 boards at high speeds.

Question asked by atom on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by AvaTar

Hi, Madam/Sir,


We have designed a prototype board based on STM32F767VG. It is configured to work for a couple of seconds (take a picture, send it to a transceiver) and go to sleep (so that it consumes the least power). The transceiver used was SP1-ML915. I have bought a couple of the evaluation board STEVAL-SP1ML915 for testing the speed with which it can transfer information.


I was able to communicate between the two evaluation modules with the default settings (after changing the source and destination address) by sending two strings. But I'm not able to send big data, such as an image file, at high speeds, as promised by ST. At high speeds, the packets gets dropped and not the whole information is received at the receiver.


Default Settings:


Final Settings:


Task: To send a big file (a jpeg image file with size ranging from 20-40Kb) from the transmitter to the receiver.


I would be happy to share more technical details about the project. I would be obliged if someone could shed light on what I am missing here.


Thank You.


With Regards,

Allan Tom Mathew.