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NUCLEO32+STM32L011K4+MXCUBE Debug Issues

Question asked by pessina.antonio on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by pessina.antonio

Hi guys!
I'm a completely newbie to the STM32 and to make some experiments I've bought a nucleo 32 board based on the STM32L011K4 microcontroller.
Then I've downloaded and installed the Atollic TRUEStudio, the STCubeMx and the STM32L0 libraries.
Then I've generated a simple project just to see the increment of a variable into the main loop.
The things I've done to generate the project are just the choice of the corresponding board and the setting of the TrueStudio as used toolchain.
Once made, compiled and downloaded the code I see that the debugger doesn't start at the first instruction of the main function but it jumps to the hal initialization where it gets lost.
Is there any other setting I need to do in the MXCube.
It is not enough to choose the board and the developement tool to get a simple working main loop?
I don't need to use any other peripheral.
Is there anybody willing to give me some advice.
Thank You very much