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Question asked by David Everett on Sep 25, 2017



I'm trying to connect the disco board to an AD7779 ADC development kit. I've managed to get the ADC SPI interface working (eventually) but I'm having a lot of trouble reading off the ADC samples as a serial output from the AD7779 using the SAI interface on the STM32 (SAI1, channel B). I can see the clock, data ready (frame select) and data coming from the AD7779 into the CN5 connector on the disco but there seems to be zero activity on the device.


Has anyone else interfaced with an AD7779?

The data clock from the ADC is 2.042MHz - do I need to configure the STM32 clocks explicitly?


I've done days of googling, but I'm having zero hits with the setup I'm using.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance,