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Hard Fault jumping to System Memory

Question asked by Omar Suárez on Sep 22, 2017
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I am testing some code in a STM32F446 to jump to the system memory from my firmware. I am using this code:


void JumpToBootloader(void){


    volatile uint32_t addr = 0x1FFF76DE;
    * Step: disable RCC, set it to default (after reset) settings
    *             Internal clock, no PLL, etc.
    * Step: disable systick timer and reset it to default values
    SysTick->CTRL = 0;
    SysTick->LOAD = 0;
    SysTick->VAL = 0;

    * Step: Remap system memory address 0x0000 0000 in addres space

    * Step: Set jump memory location for system memory
    *                Use address with 4 bytes offset which specifies jump location
    *             where program starts.
    SysMemBootJump = (void(*)(void)) (*((uint32_t *)(addr + 4)));
    /** Step: Set main stack pointer  **/


    * Step: actually call our function to jump to set location
    *             This will start system memory execution

The fact is that when the MCU boots it goes to a Hard Fault from SysMemBootJump() instruction.

I am wondering whether I should configure the memory using the MPU to jump there.


The address used by the bootloader is from the AN.


Anyone could give me a clue about what is wrong with my code?


Thanks in advanced,