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Error Correcting Code (ECC) in STM32L4

Question asked by Alexandre Chirouze on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by waclawek.jan



I have a question which i'm not able to find an understandable answer in the datasheet. The STM32L4 seems to have an Error Correction Code function embedded inside its Flash memory.


According to an ST powerpoint, the embedded ECC is 8 bits long for a 64-bits word and can detect up to 2 errors on the same 64-bits word but just correct one of these. 
If an error is detected and/or corrected, the ECCC bit is set in FLASH_ECCR register.


My questions are : Do I have to initialize and start this feature by software? Can I catch an interrupt when an error is detected or do I have to check the FLASH_ECCR register by myself? When the ECC check is made ? I mean, the memory address will be checked when I want to access it or anything else?


Thanks a lot if you can answer me.