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Sensitivity of LIS3MDL (LSB/Gauss)

Question asked by Khaled Aljehani on Sep 23, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by Khaled Aljehani

I am using LIS3MDL sensor and I do not understand the sensitivity which its unit is LSB/Gauss.  

In x-cube-mems1 library, the following is calculated:


#define LIS3MDL_MAG_SENSITIVITY_FOR_FS_4G    0.14 /**< Sensitivity value for 4 gauss full scale [mgauss/LSB] */
#define LIS3MDL_MAG_SENSITIVITY_FOR_FS_8G    0.29 /**< Sensitivity value for 8 gauss full scale [mgauss/LSB] */
#define LIS3MDL_MAG_SENSITIVITY_FOR_FS_12G    0.43 /**< Sensitivity value for 12 gauss full scale [mgauss/LSB] */
#define LIS3MDL_MAG_SENSITIVITY_FOR_FS_16G    0.58 /**< Sensitivity value for 16 gauss full scale [mgauss/LSB] */


and in the datasheet:



My question is how did they calculate the sensitivity in the above code? and also what does LSB/Gauss mean?


Thanks in advance.