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STM32L4 USBD receive

Question asked by Dilbert K on Sep 22, 2017

I am currently using the "STM32CubeFunctionPack_MOTENV1_V3.0.0" for SensorTile platform.

I does support the USBD_cdc function in sending data to PC (Print) but missing the receive code.


Since there is a ST BLE on board, I would like to connect with the "BlueNRG GUI" tools which I can perform firmware update through USB for ST-BLE.


1. Where I could find the example code for USBD receive for STM32L4 ?

2. Is "BlueNRG DK 2.0.2\Projects\Projects_Cube\BlueNRG_Stack_IFR_Updater" be the right package to start ?