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STM32L4 UART2 Management

Question asked by Daniel Tarrago on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by Clive One

Good morning,


In the application I'm developing, I'm controlling a transceiver by Microchip via UART2 port. I have several prototypes already working but I have some others (same hardware) that have some problems with this UART communication. When a board works fine, it works always fine. The problem lies on the boards that are not working fine and I have found the reason: for these boards, I have noticed that when asking for information to the transceiver, I get the answer with a 0x00 at the beginning => as in my code I use String functions, this 0x00 at the beginning generates the problems I have.

I do not know if the origin of this problem is in the transceiver or MCU side, so:

- Could you tell me a reason of why I receive 0x00 for some boards and it is not received for others? (Please, note that I have some boards but we are always talking about the same hardware)

- Now I have solved this issue by rejecting 0x00 characters, but it is not the most elegant way to proceed....


Best regards.