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EEPROM in bank 2 erased

Question asked by Christoph Eschenbach on Sep 22, 2017

Hello there,

i am trying to use the EEPROM emulation on a STM32F429I (2MB). So i am using the example files.

On the first try i used section 10/11(bank1) for page0 page1. The example worked fine for me but  i dont need the 128kb sections for EEPROM and the 16kb of bank 1 sections are already in use.

So i had the idea to put page0 and page1 on the section 14/15(bank2) because they have only 16kb which should be enough for my application. But the problem is after writing into this sections, sector 14 gets erased somehow and only in sector 15 is data.

When using bank2 sectors are there any options to be set or cant i use bank2 for eeprom?