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STM32F103 External Switch Interrupt Problem

Question asked by Utkarash Patil on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2017 by Utkarash Patil

I am using  a custom board in which i have connected 5 switches to the pins as given below and pins are configured as Pull Up and i am triggering interrupt on falling edge


PB9 <===> External Switch 1      

PB5 <===> External Switch 2       

PB3 <===> External Switch 3       

PC12 <===> External Switch 4     

PC10 <===> External Switch 5     



Also i have checked the  connection with the help of Digital Multi meter where  whenever i press the Switch the connectivity is established and when i release it connectivity is broken with ground , But still in call back function for " PB3 <===> External Switch 3 " i am not getting any response but for other Switches I am getting updates they are interrupting my CPU and in call back also i am able to see the updates,


That is i checked with this by inserting the break point for every switch condition in call back function But the other switches  apart from " PB3 <===> External Switch 3   " execution flow goes to the break point when switch is pressed, but for switch 3 execution flow  doesn't goes to Break point when the switch is pressed 


Please tell me if  Am i missing out on something while Enabling the interrupt or in configuration Tab,in below paragraph i described the details in cubemx which i have followed,


In cubeMx firstly i used 5 pins which are connected to switches and configured them as GPIO_EXTIx  also enabled their respective interrupts in NVIC in configuration tab that are External Interrupt 3, External Interrupt 9:5 and External Interrupt 15:10, also for indication i have connected 5 pins to different LEDs and configured them as Pull up and triggered when falling edge 


The code is uploaded below