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STM32F769 USB FS Pin PB13 Question

Question asked by Kevin Wu on Sep 21, 2017

Taken from the datasheet  Pg. 190 (attached) "When VBUS sensing feature is enabled, PA9 and PB13 should be left at their default state (floating input), not as alternate function. A typical 200 μA current consumption of the sensing block (current to voltage conversion to determine the different sessions) can be observed on PA9 and PB13 when the feature is enabled"


I'm not too sure what this means - will it draw 200 uA from PA9 and PB13 when the USB is plugged in ? Right now I have PA9 connected to VUSB, but PB13 connected to an ethernet TXD signal (Unforunately I don't think I'll be able to move the signal to the other place where it's offered - PG14.


I've made my design in STM32CubeMX and it seems perfectly fine (all greens). 


Will it be ok to leave PB13 connected to the ethernet signal ?


Thanks in advance!