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ST-Link v2 "Can't disable Read Out Protection"

Question asked by Rudolf Novicky on Sep 20, 2017
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Using ST-Link Utility it is not possible program non generic/non STM board. I used Keil, it's working properly.





Hello All,

I found lot of postes with the same question: How to disable Read Out Protection. But, unfortunately, no sucessfull solution of that. 

I'm using ST-Link V2, target SAMD21 Adafruit Feather M0 board. Not able to disable Protection, not able to erase chip, still only one answer/exception: Cant disable RDP, or RDP is active, can't erase mem, etc etc.

Could you please someone advice me to solve this issue? It it possible to erase chip on non generic board like Adafruit Feather?

Thanks in advance for your help!