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Porting Bluetooth connectivity module to my CubeMX project.

Question asked by Rashedul Islam on Sep 21, 2017


I need bluetooth module in my project. I start my project using cubeMX for stm32L476ZE and after that project exported to keil. Other basic operations are working fine(Led bliking, button press). I have successfully added some modules like reading data from external sensors using SPI and ADC etc simply looking at some examples avialable from the internet. Now I need a bluetooth module which will be communicate via SPI3 channel. I am trying to porting it from the example SensorDemo.   I added the Middlewares for STM32_BlueNRG. But its not working and I have someissues.

I am getting a warning in ble_list.c : 

   uwPRIMASK_Bit = __get_PRIMASK();  /**< backup PRIMASK bit */

   __set_PRIMASK(uwPRIMASK_Bit);     /**< Restore PRIMASK bit*/


"warning: Implicit declaration of function is invalid in c999 " -- while the same is working on the given example project.

My question is what is the simplest way to proting a bluetooth module in my project ?