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LSM9DS1 - IO Pins

Question asked by Dave Kearney on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by Dmitrij Gendler

Hi Guys, I'm planning on using the LSM9DS1 as a heading sensor on my board, and I was curious about the functionality of some of the pins - I couldn't find any detailed description in the datasheet.


The pin description describes Pins 5,6 (SDO_A/G, SDO_M) as 'I2C least significant bit of the device address' for I2C mode - are these required if talking to the module in I2C mode?

Also am I correct in assuming that pins 7,8 (CS_A/G, CS_M) just need to be pulled high externally to VDD_IO to enable I2C mode?


And are pins 9 - 13 required or is it possible to just use the I2C bus to talk to the module and read back measurements etc? I'm guessing the interrupts would be handy to alert to a fall or something like that but would not necessarily be required? And I'm not sure the purpose of the Data Ready, Data Enable Pins?


Many Thanks in advance!