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Nucleo-H743ZI Support files lacking DXF

Question asked by Kevin Angus on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by Kevin Angus

Was just notified the Nucleo-H743ZI board would be shipped but when I downloaded the support files I found no support for building a shield. The CAD files were there but in binary export not ASCII, not everyone owns a $25K PCB program. The PDF files show the Nucleo dimensions but there isn't enough information to build a shield since the drawing are missing information. It really is simple, 0,0 bottom left to each connector X,Y pin 1, board outline X,Y and X,Y for the main PCB and another for the Link with a measurement of the gap. A simple DXF with the board outline on one layer, the connectors on another layer, take all of 1 minute to create.