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Are there any plans for a MIPI CSI-2 peripheral?

Question asked by Ben Webster on Sep 18, 2017

We are currently using an STM32F437 with a 12 bit parallel interface to a CMOS image sensor, and we are happy with performance etc. However many newer image sensors require MIPI CSI-2, and even the current sensor offers higher frame rates/resolutions with CSI-2. While it is possible to use converters from CSI to parallel, these still run into the bandwidth limitations of the parallel interface (although I notice this is a little better on STM32H7 at 80MHz rather than 54MHz on STM32F4), and it's a shame to have to use another IC.


Are there any plans to provide a MIPI CSI-2 interface on any STM32 devices? We would really like to have an upgrade path to new sensors without having to move to a competing device, e.g. a larger SoC. We would be interested in at least 1 lane, with support for at least RAW10 and RAW12 formats.