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ST SensorTile development information

Question asked by Microbob µ on Sep 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by Davide G


   Is there a current and complete documentation on how to use and program the SensorTile, preferable without needing to purchase a Nucleo board? If there is one, where can I find it? Also, if it is absolutely necessary to have a Nucleo board, which one would be the right one to purchase?


   I noticed that all manuals and "getting-started" guides point to buying a ST Nucleo board (which is not included in the SensorTile development kit STEVAL-STLKT01V1) in order to do any programming. This is a little upsetting since I purchased this "complete" development kit to develop, not to purchase more material. Even so, I am having trouble finding up-to-date or relevant information on how to program and use this device. All manuals I've found so far have only talked about the cool features that this device has, and how to connect the SensorTile to a Nucleo board to program it. These manuals never showed API or documentation / software getting-started guides. The small "quick-start-guide" download from the SensorTile page explains how to get the preloaded demo running and how to download the (old) firmware, but it doesn't explain how to upload the firmware or how to program the board (with or without Nucleo). Also, after investigating more into the Nucleo boards, I found that there are about 37 different types/variation of the Nucleo board, and the manuals don't point to which one should be used to program the SensorTile.



Thank you for your help!