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Nucleo F767ZI lwip and Hal interaction

Question asked by Anthony Mwila on Sep 16, 2017

Greetings , I'm figuring out LWIP and the Ethernet setup on the above mentioned board. I've found the LWIP application note very useful in understanding LWIP and  Cube MX does extremely well to explain how to set up the ETH HAL functionality . I'm just confused about how exactly the two interact and how to approach setting them up together. For context I want to use the LWIP's  Raw Api to send data packets over Ethernet. I am new to a lot of the networking concepts and from what I've learnt in the last while I want the Nucleo to act as the client and a program on my PC to act as server and to send information via this network. I am adamant on using the Raw Api because I am sampling and counting signals at a high frequency and I am trying to avoid the overhead of an Operating System .