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__HAL_SYSCFG_REMAPMEMORY_SYSTEMFLASH() missing - jump to bootloader in STM32F7

Question asked by Omar Suárez on Sep 15, 2017



I am trying to develop code for firmware updating in a STM32F769NI MCU.

I have to use the USART1 to launch the code. For testing pourposes I will use the flash downloader by ST.

After take a look to some code for the STM32F4 I see a macro used there to remap memory system address to 0x0000 0000.

First of all, I am not sure what is the pourpose of this remapping, do you have some link or good info where I can take a look on how the system boot works to understand this stage of the code?

 Another question, why is this macro not defined inside the STM32CubeF7? What is the correct way to do this remap for a STM32F7 then?


Thanks in advanced,