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smtp with SPWF04SA

Question asked by David Campillo on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by Elio Cometti

I'm working with an SPWF04SA. I set up the Wi-Fi connection correctly, it responds well to ping, but I can not send an email.
I have tried several things, and I only get a certificate 5 error (the common name does not match)
at + s.smtp = (hostmane), 587,5, (user), (password), SPWF04SA, (email), (to) ,,, proba ,, 5{text1}

or certificate error 23 (CA could not be found)
at + s.smtp =, 587,5, (email), (password), SPWF04SA, (email), (to) ,,, proba ,, 5 {text2}

What am I doing wrong?
Can anyone show a complete plot?