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STM32F429 NVIC Register Question

Question asked by Kang Sung Gu on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Kang Sung Gu

I want to know the NVIC Register

There is a description of GPIO and INTERRUPT in the Reference DataSheet, but there is no description of NVIC Register

Where can I find the details of the Register below?


typedef struct
  __IOM uint32_t ISER[8U];               /*!< Offset: 0x000 (R/W)  Interrupt Set Enable Register */
        uint32_t RESERVED0[24U];
  __IOM uint32_t ICER[8U];               /*!< Offset: 0x080 (R/W)  Interrupt Clear Enable Register */
        uint32_t RSERVED1[24U];
  __IOM uint32_t ISPR[8U];               /*!< Offset: 0x100 (R/W)  Interrupt Set Pending Register */
        uint32_t RESERVED2[24U];
  __IOM uint32_t ICPR[8U];               /*!< Offset: 0x180 (R/W)  Interrupt Clear Pending Register */
        uint32_t RESERVED3[24U];
  __IOM uint32_t IABR[8U];               /*!< Offset: 0x200 (R/W)  Interrupt Active bit Register */
        uint32_t RESERVED4[56U];
  __IOM uint8_t  IP[240U];               /*!< Offset: 0x300 (R/W)  Interrupt Priority Register (8Bit wide) */
        uint32_t RESERVED5[644U];
  __OM  uint32_t STIR;                   /*!< Offset: 0xE00 ( /W)  Software Trigger Interrupt Register */
}  NVIC_Type;