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STM32F0x devices and HTTPS client

Question asked by Francisco SinapseEnergia on Sep 14, 2017
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(I don't know if i write the post in right sub-forum place).


I face to one issue to get data from one server using port 443. HTTPS for getting data instead HTTP. (First at all , I am newbie with secure connection protocol).


I am using one typical wifi gateway (i.e:HLK-RM08S). This is connected to one TX/RX STM32F030CC UART and then we send data to server..


Now, for getting valid data from server, we use one script developed under python. ( h2 = httplib2.Http(timeout=30, disable_ssl_certificate_validation=True). I understand that this means that data is sent without encrypting. is it?. We want do same process with one STM32F030CC instead this python script.


How I can face to this issue?. Does exist one library that I can import and it is valid for STM32F030CC device (in general STM32F0xx family?.


Thanks in advance!


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