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HardFault and working reverse GPIO Pins

Question asked by Emrah Duatepe on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2017 by Emrah Duatepe

Hi friends,
I've got problems with STM32F0 series also same F1 now my real problem is getting a HardFault ,when I try to work with Nrf24l01.When process arrive this line "TM_NRF24L01_SetTxAddress(&hspi1, TxAddress);" getting HardFault ,I see it with debug.Also extra matter is HAL_GPIO_WritePin(...); working reverse ,why is it ? Everything seems good under the codes.I'm thinking about Hardfault related with stack maybe I dont know.I've sent project.I havent sloved it for a long time but now again I need it.Stm32f4 is Ok .No HardFault error.Same code ,same process with stm32f4