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ST-LINK CLI (v3) cannot connect with LPM option

Question asked by nikolay kokorin on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by nikolay kokorin

Hi everybody!

Just I want read a some memory area from my F4-DISCO for monitoring values.

So, first I start ST-LINK CLI with following arguments:

ST-LINK_CLI.exe -c SWD HOTPLUG -r8 0x20018000 0x100

and this works (i.e. read data) fine, but processor gets the stop-state during data read and runs again after.


Second, I trying to run CLI with additional LPM option, like this:

ST-LINK_CLI.exe -c SWD HOTPLUG LPM -r8 0x20018000 0x100

But the ST-LINK CLI returns a error:

[LPM]: Unknown debug protocol or option!


I tried a different options and it different order in command line, but not success.

Who can explain what's going on with CLI and how I can resolve this issue?