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STM32L152 can't enter in "low power run" mode

Question asked by Vivek Shinde on Sep 14, 2017
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I am using STM32L152 in my project.


I have configured MSI clock to run at 2 MHz at startup which is fine. I have set power regulator voltage to PWR_REGULATOR_VOLTAGE_SCALE2.


But when I am configuring it to run in LOW POWER RUN mode then it going around 150 uA but then jumps back 1mA. This cycle goes on for ever without staying in low power mode.


I have ensured that there are no interrupts or other events causing this jump and unable to understand why it is not staying the low power mode consuming few hundred uAs while running at 131 Khz.


// set freq to 131KHz


// configure it to run in low power mode.



I tried couple of other combinations as well but its not working, can anybody please help me in executing right sequence of commands to put the microcontroller in low power run mode ?