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SPWF01S TLS connection work with Rel 3.4 and fail with 3.5

Question asked by EGol on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2017 by Gerardo Gallucci



I have two sets of NucleoF401RE+SPWF01S, on one I have 

      Version 3.4 SPWF01S-150410-c2e37a3

And on the other 

      Version 3.5 SPWF01S-160129-c5bf5ce

I run the same application that connect to AWS IOT over TLS, the 3.4 version is working fine and connected to AWS successfully, the 3.5 fail to connect.


Any idea what could be the problem?


Attached are the log of the two sessions.