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STM32F105 nested interrupt with CAN

Question asked by Mathias Zviedris on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Mathias Zviedris

Hi Community,

i have a question regarding to the nested interrupt function of the F105. 

My Situation:

  • I have 3 Interrupts with different priorities
  • CAN bus rx has the lowest priority (highest number) and i want to parse the rx message directly in the CAN callback (so this could take a little bit of time)

So, what happens if the CAN bus callback is stopped because a interrupt with a higher priority is active and while this a new message arrives via the CAN Hardware ?

Is the controller clever enough that, when the controller jumps back into the CAN callback (number 1) it works with the first can message ?

And then a CAN callback (number 2) is called and the second message is on the gun ?


Or is this a bad situation ? Would be great if one of the interrupt specialist could give a hint about this situation...


Thanks in advance,