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L6205 , PWM

Question asked by saban.eyal on Apr 18, 2013
HI ,

1.can any one tell me how to PWM DC motor using L6205  ,via EN pin or
   INX pin  ? can i make the motor coasting (in PWM OFF)  ?
for the Table in the Datasheet 
when EN=1,     if IN1=0,IN2=1 => OUT1=GND  OUT2=VS
                       else IN1=1,IN2=0 = > OUT1=VS OUT=GND

how can i put the H bridge in HighZ (only 1 side ) ?

from what i understand PWM DC motor in specific direction there are 2 phase
PWM ON - the motor get  VS (Left H bridge side) and GND (High H bridge side)

PWM OFF - the motor is coasting (Left H bridge side is in High Z) and GND (High H bridge side)