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Current consumption for STM32F7 in stop mode is too high?

Question asked by raghu tumati on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by raghu tumati


I'm trying to program my stm32F7 board into stop mode but its current consumption is around 4mA (which is way to high). I'm using an external clock source of 12MHz. 

SYSCLK is at 12MHz 

APBI and APB2 prescalers is set to 16. So its operating at 1MHz

I've disabled clocks to GPIO's except GPIOD because I need one of those HW interrupt pins to wake the MCU. 

All GPIO's are set to analog mode. 

FlashPowerDown in enabled

DebugStopMode is also disabled. 

USB clock has been disabled. 


Is there anything else in the clock settings that I need to include in the FW? I have noticed that the power consumption increases as the APBI and APB2 clock frequency increases. But Im not sure how to get the current lower than 4mA. 


Also, I am not using a discovery or eval board. I have a breakboard with minimal components populated. Everything else is working just fine such as LED blink and Interrupt wakeup. The current definitely drops when the command 


is called. 


So I know the board is working just fine but I'm missing something crucial with my FW. 


I would appreciate any feedback. This is my first shot at STM32 programming. So I might have missed something very obvious.