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What means "UBC option" and how I change it?

Question asked by pavel a on Sep 11, 2017
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Dear experts,

I am totally new to STM8, but got a task to complete. Please be kind and explain in simple layman terms...


I have a project in ST Visual Develop, made by someone else. It has two parts: a bootloader (which I was told not to touch for now,  it is already flashed in the device) and the "main" firmware.



The build is successful. But when I try to start debugger, it pops up the following:


ST Visual Develop
GDI Error: For better debugging performance, the user bootcode size must be reduced. You need to change the UBC option


So, the question is, what is the UBC option? Where it can be changed? Does it mean that I need to do something with the bootloader project?


The microcontroller model is STM8L101G3U with Cosmic compiler.

The debugger device is a white USB dongle with ST logo on it.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,