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RMII_MII_RXER and external ram in STM32F769I-Discovery

Question asked by Matti Sillanpää on Sep 11, 2017
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I'm using the SSL_client example as base for my project. I've incorporated parts from FMC_SDRAM example as I need to use the largish buffers for audio stuff.


However as I didn't seem to be able to get IP anymore, I started cross referencing pin usage and noticed that the PG2 is used by both FMC and RMII. However via cube it's not even possible to take the PG2 in use as RMII_MII_RXER. Yet the SSL_client configures it for ethernet.


I've tried digging the usage for this and apparently it's some error signaling line. However I cannot see any configuration nor callbacks dedicated for it. So is this needed somewhere and crusial for DHCP operation?


Suggestion: Please, please, pretty please make the pin names unique at some point in the future! And perhaps remove all pinmuxings from platform files and use only the hal_msp callbacks(or similar) to handle those so these can be easily handled with CubeMX.