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STM32F303 internal bootloader does not work (if exiting from a reset)

Question asked by Davide Rizzi on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Clive One

Part number is STM32F303CC.
A 24 MHz oscillator output is connected to PF0 pin.


Exiting from reset (either via nRST pin or SCB_AIRCR SYSRESETREQ bit), and having BOOT0 pulled up and USB cable connected, the bootloader waits forever for RCC_CR HSERDY bit to become 1.
The same identical problem presents with BOOT0 low, thus starting from Flash and jumping to the internal bootloader (SP@0x1FFFD800 and Reset@0x1FFFD804) - that is what we want to do.


BUT If I power cycle the board, everything works as expected (USB DFU bootloader up and running).


Is the bootloader supposed to start following a reset (as it is described on the refman and as it happens on other parts we have worked with)?
Am I missing something?