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cubeMX 4.22 stm32f37xx lib 1.9 comp irq bug

Question asked by khomenko.sergii on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Jeanne Joly

Hello! Code generated by CubeMX  v4.22 using  STM32F3 library v1.9 have the following bug:
When enable comparator interrupt, C code generated in stm32f3xx_it.c use interrupt subroutine titled "COMP_IRQHandler", while in startup code of the file  startup_stm32F373xc.s this subroutine titled as "COMP1_2_IRQHandler". Moreover,  file  stm32f373xc.h consist of  
"#define COMP1_2_IRQHandler COMP_IRQHandler".  Therefore, if you change your stm32f3xx_it.c code from  
"COMP_IRQHandler" to "COMP1_2_IRQHandler - it does not matter.
So, the comparator interrupt jump does not directed to the proper location and still point to DefaultHandler anyway.
To fix, one should go to edit startup_stm32F373xc.s assembly file, and replace all "COMP1_2_IRQHandler" occurrences with  "COMP_IRQHandler"