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ST Motor Control Library ADC selection and FOC frequency

Question asked by donchev.petar on Sep 8, 2017

I'm building dual bldc motor driving board, using the ST Motor control library. MCU is STM32F303VC. According the motor control workbench, I can select ADC3/4 plus TIM1 for motor 1 and ADC1/2 plus TIM8 for motor 2. But it appears that it's hard coded  in the library ver 4.3 (function R3_4_F30X_Init) ADC1/2 always to be used with motor 1. I reversed the code and finally my board can run a bldc motor. Should I change any other function?

My second question is about maximum achievable dual FOC frequency with STM32F303 at 72MHz?
Maximum for me is 20KHz PWM with torque/flux execution on every second PWM period, using CCMRAM (motors with hall sensors).